The New Motorola Motosmart Review

Touch screen, 3- megapixel camera, android support, weather and other local reports, Internet access… sounds like any other smartphone, doesn’t it? The new Motorola Motosmart phone is the latest budget phone released by the company. When Android powered phones were introduced in the market, the phones were affordable only to a particular circle. Various phone companies have worked their way in making android phones affordable for everyone over the years. Microsoft joined the market of producing economical android phones and their latest release is the Motorola Motosmart.

The design:
Motosmart looks like any other touch screen phone with very few innovative touches. It is not exactly on the thinner side of a smartphone. It is quite bulky but not uncomfortably heavy to carry around. The screen size is the same as in iPhone 4S: 3.5 inches. However, the similarities between the two phones stop here. Motorsmart’s resolution and pixel density is low. It is not the best of phones for watching movies and browsing the Internet. The camera is rear-faced and it does not have a front-face camera. In short, these features can be found in any other budget phone nowadays.
The Hardware:
For one, Motosmart is a budget android phone. You cannot expect the phone to have any high-end hardware. The phone is supported by an 800 MHz processor which is not the best in today’s smartphone world. Moving through the screen is not exactly smooth and it can get quite annoying. The camera is only 3-megapixel and you cannot click any proficient photographs with it.
The budget-friendly camera from the new Motorola Motosmart showcases a rear-facing 3MP camera. However, one disheartening aspect of this device is the absence of a flash. So, this handy device may not be a great option for photo-lovers.
However, if you still wish to go with this device then you can enjoy the super-fast shutter speed. The video quality of the camera is pretty decent if it is captured on a perfect environment: well-light. It gives a decent enough video that can be even uploaded on different social networking platforms.
The Software:
The Android version used in Motosmart is Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It is a couple of major upgrades behind Google’s current operating systems (the latest edition is the Android 4.1 JellyBean) for phones. As it is not the latest Android version, you will miss some of the apps and features. On the positive side, the icons appear in a cluster and the apps get larger, the more you use them. However, there are going to be budget smartphones in the future with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Processor.
If you have a limited budget and are bent on buying a smartphone, you can consider buying Motosmart. The advantage of this phone is that it is cheap. However, don’t have high expectations when it comes to performance as it stutters and the processor supporting the phone is not the latest. You can wait for some time and buy a budget android phone powered by a better Operating System and probably with better performance.

It costs £99.99 PAYG or £7 a month on contract with T-Mobile UK.
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