iNoxCase 360 4gs iphone case review

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I found this awesome case at a store in Akihabara, Tokyo yesterday. My first impression is, what an awesome case! And it was cheap too 1900 yen, which converts to about 25$ . Considering the original is more like 200$ i think it was great deal.

The quality is great, feels like it will last for 30 years even if i throw it off a cliff. And it looks great too! Only con i can see is the fact that it’s a little rough to hold, the edges aren’t pefectly smooth. However it’s not a dealbreaker, especially not at this price.

Now, the difference between the 25$ version and the 200$ version is that the instructions where written in the most amusing kind of poor english.

‘Plating is a surface after laser treatment for environment protection’ yeah…

Not a reason to go original though!


The material is stainless steel and the package also included a screen protector and a microfiber cloth.