How much will Apple stores tolerate?

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How much does Apple really allow their customers to do? In Sweden NYAN NYAN cat on full volume on 3 computers is not acceptable. But in America ordering pizza, or even bringing a goat is okay.


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  • redjujube14. Aug, 2011

    A prancing goat? Who cares!?

    I set up my home built Linux PC in an Apple store. They laughed and scoffed for a bit. When they saw it could do anything a Mac can do they stop laughing and scoffing. When I slapped a big $1200 on my Linux box they threw me out.

    So I went back with a live chicken and bit it’s head off and slapped a $1200 price tag on it. They said, “Hmmm. That chicken must have been raised by Apple” and they let me stay.

    LInux roolz, Max droolz. Windows just sux.

    • Johny14. Aug, 2011

      OMG thats awesome!

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