Worlds fastest internet connection, 120gb/s

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If you are clinging for more connection bandwidth even if more 1MB it is better and enough for you. But what if you have 120 Gigabytes per second connection? Sounds terribly insane! Oh wait it is true. :) Telia and Cisco team up to build the worlds fastest connection with a speed of awesome 120 GB/s.
Dreamhack  is a sweden digital computer festival and recognize by Guiness book of Record as “worlds largest lan party” will host an event that will attract more number of participants to 20 000 people this year. With the aim to beat the world record in capacity in the network.
Dreamhack Winter 2011 will now be the biggest festival that according to Robert Ohlén – CEO Dreamhack, will have its record breaking numbers of visitor on site and he confidently will break the precious records.
And for a nice feat you can een see live stats here!