From Dust! Xbox 360 preview thoughts


From dust is a brand new game from Ubisoft. you can download the game to Xbox3600 if you got a live account to try out the demo.

From dust is what we call a strategy game it´s all about to control the forces of the nature. 
So what are you doing in this game? you play a breath as its called in the game, the story in the game is all about to get your breath more power full so you can control all the force of the nature like water,wind,earth and lava. when you play the first maps in this game it’s all about getting more knowledge of all nature forces and find ways so that you do not get killed by a flood wave or a lava wave. We can say that the nature is against you and the only way to help your tribe is to learn their ancestral forces or else your tribe will die out and even the whole earth as it is your task to save the earth.

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When i first saw the game trailer on you-tube i thought this game i boring but then i downloaded the demo of the game and i loved it so i both it after 10 min. the game will be released in August but if you got Xbox360 Live account your able to buy it now! as i did.

Hope you enjoy this and i tell you, if you have live account download the demo and try it!