Why I hate calling tech support, and other funny stories

tech support

I’m not gonna write a long hate post about tech support people, it is their job after all. But they are trained to handle stupid people (I’m neither hating on people who don’t know how computers work) just saying, most people who need to call tech support don’t know what a hard-drive is, or even.. (why is this so common?) think that the monitor is the computer…
When you call tech support and know what the problem is and how to fix it, but only they have the power to do it (isp’s for an example), they are really annoying.. Most companies have a policy of the customer always being right, but not tech support people, there its something rather reversed!
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I had a desktop computer for about 3 1/2 years before it didn’t boot anymore. I got the “UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME” bluescreen error. I tried all the usual recovery console fixes but it still would not boot. After a few days I called the local chain computer store and the following conversation ensued.

Tech Support: “This is Tech Support, how may I help you.”

Me: “Yeah ummmm. My computer is not booting up anymore.”

Tech Support: “Okay, tell me what happens when it boots up, sir”

I describe the problem to her.

Tech Support: “What have you done recently.”

I tell her my computer routine int the last few weeks. (Browse the Internet, Write in Word, Install some games for my nephew to play with, said nephew playing with the games, etc.)

Tech Support: “(gasp) You’ve installed computer video games…… FROM A FLOPPY OR CD!!!

Me: “Yeah, what’s the problem.”

Tech Support: “Don’t you know games from Floppys and CDs have tons of viruses.

Me: “No they don’t.”

Tech Support: “Yes they do. Have you bought games from (Video Game Manufacturer)? They are infamous putting tons of viruses on their disks.”

Me: “I buy products from (Aforementioned Video Game Manufacturer) all the time and my other computers are fine.”

Tech Support: ” You are obviously wrong, That company put tons of viruses on their games.”

Me: “I don’t think you know what your talking about.”

Tech Support: Sir, I’m the “professional” not you.”

Me: (sighs)

Tech Support: I highly advise you bring your hard disk in. Ask for me, my name is (name).”

Me: “Okay.”

I come in the next day.

Cashier: “Hello, How may I help you?”

Me: “I need to see (the same woman from the call).”

Cashier: “Okay, I will escort you to the tech support department.”

It took 15 minutes before the Tech serviced me.

Tech Support: “Hello.”

Me: “Yeah, Your name is (name) right?”

Tech Support: “Yes, are you the one with that problem?”

Me: “Yes”

Tech Support: “Okay, Give me your hard disk right now.”

I give her the hard drive and she set it up for a virus scan.

Tech Support: “Okay, I’m going to scan your hard disk and get rid of those nasty viruses that (Video Game Manafacturer) put on your computer.”

10-15 minutes later

Tech Support: “The scan is done let see how many threats you have.”

She looks at the screen and it said “(The number of files on my hard disk), no threats detected.

Tech Support: (with a baffled look on her face) “OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! This can’t be right. I want you to bring the rest of your computer unit, now!”

I come back with the computer unit.

Tech Support: “I’ll fix this computer for you. It’ll be ready to use again in about 5-7 business days. Free of Charge.”

Me: “Okay.”

7 business days later.

Tech Support: “Everything should be all right now.”

Me: “What was the problem?”

Tech Support: “You had tons of bad sectors on your hard drive and you needed a new CPU.”

Me: “Okay, Thank you very much.”

I left and hooked my computer up and pressed the power button, and it did not even boot. I tried several times before opening the case, and to my horror the Hard Drive was mutilated the metal was bent out of shape and their was some evidence that some of the platters (I don’t know exactly what they are called) were taken out, but that was not the worst. The CPU and the Motherboard has been burnt so bad that they could pass as Barbecue. I called customer service and the case got as high as the CEO of the company (Its a very small chain, you know) and I got an expensive new state of the art computer with all the fixings for free, and the woman from tech support was fired for incompetence. Apparently she botched a lot of other customers’ computers before mine.


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