Microsoft Lync official

jabra lync 11 18 2010

Microsoft’s Lync, the supposed “next generation of unified communications” (a.k.a. the rebranded Office Communicator) just made its official debut this week, and it looks like it already has some pretty big hardware partners. Among the first is Jabra, which has just rolled out no less than six new headsets that each come paired with their own touchscreen. Those all fall under the Jabra Pro 9400 and Jabra Go 6400 series, which each pack similar base units but come with headsets of varying portability, from a full-size set of headphones to a standard Bluetooth headset that you can also use with your phone. And just for good measure, Jabra has also rolled out its new Jabra SPEAK 410, which is the company’s first USB-powered speakerphone. Of course, they all also come with some decidedly business-minded prices (upwards of $500), but it looks like they’re all available immediately.
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