Intel announces new core processor generation, "up to 60% performance boost"

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These new micro processor’s from intel will feature, 32nm silicon design, a new updated version of tubro boost technloogy and posibilty to use it as a graphics chip.  They are supposed to give a 60% boost in performance compared to last generation intel core processor’s. Here are some performance sheet’s etc..

  • Intel Quick Sync Video – The title of this one isn’t exactly the most self explanatory, but Intel’s promising way faster video transcoding with it’s new integrated Quick Sync feature, which does encoding in hardware — it says it will be 17x faster than older generations of integrated graphics. Intel’s partnered with media software companies like CyberLink, Corel, and ArcSoft to enable this hardware-accelerated H.264 and MPEG-2 video conversion.
  • Intel InTru 3D / Clear Video HD – 3D Blu-ray playback over HDMI 1.4? Not a problem for Intel’s Core 2011 platform. This doesn’t mean Intel’s providing the 3D technology for laptops or desktops, but it’s promising that you can play stereoscopic 3D and HD content on your TV using HDMI.
  • WiDi 2.0 – Our biggest complaints about the original WiDi was the lack of support for 1080p. Well, Intel’s finally enabled streaming of full HD with its latest processors. There’s still lag and you will need to pick up a new TV receiver, most likely a new one from Netgear, to take advantage of the new full HD abilities. We’ve got more details on this and Intel’s new Insider video content service here.
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    • Anonymous06. Jan, 2011

      Don,t these sandybridge processors,s have a kill switch?
      And wuts that about it sending torrent info to fbi?
      Shouldn,t a micro processor stick to processing stuff..

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