World's thinnest (best?) portable scanner

product intro slimscan gadgetzz 300x140

If you need (or have) a business card scanner you know they are pretty thick, but this one is only about three time thicker than the business card you actually want to scan. It also features some fine feature’s like a 600 DPI scanner that only uses 300 of those DPI’s (what?). And 64mb of internal memory, usb 20 and it’s supposed to be able to see the difference between reciepts and business cards. Also on the website it say’s: 

 What if you’re out shopping and you see a product that would make a perfect gift for someone special, but you’d like to shop around for price comparisons? Just pull out your SlimScan, scan the label and go bargain hunting.

Exactly what i means i’m not sure, but it will either just save the price’s for comparision, or have a database with comon products.

what’s in the box, A Leather case, usb cable, instruction manual and software for windows. The price is arounf 119$ on the site, but there are many package’s to choose from.


Planon slimscanner