Nikon going to use carbon fiber on their new DSLR's?

340x__61052-50, nikon,carbon,fiber,dlsrAccording to an aerospace materials engineer nikon will do their new lines of DSLR’s completely in carbon fiber. And i dont see why nobody thought of it before, its lightwieght, durable, dosent scratch easily and best of all it looks good.   Here is what the tipster said:

“For the last few months we have been working on a carbon fibre body for a Nikon pro-level DSLR. We are specifically looking at the manufacture of a resin-infused 3D woven CFRP body as well as fatigue testing of some CFRP components. From what I can tell, it would be a full size (D1, D2, D3 sized SLR). The benefit being increased stiffness and a slight reduction in mass.”