LG Announces Star Wars Themed OLED TV

LG has announced a limited edition of their 65-inch OLED evo C2 TV, featuring a Star Wars-inspired design.

At first glance it seems like the coolest idea ever. But does it live up to the hype?

lg unveils a limited edition star wars themed oled tv 01

Well.. The TV itself has a Star Wars logo and apparently Star Wars images as screensaver. In addition, when turning on the TV, the sound of Darth Vader’s iconic breathing can be heard. Seems like more could have been done on that end. And I’m not sure I want a TV that features heavy breathing..

However, as we move on to the remote control it does actually get pretty interesting. The remote control features a LED strip on it’s side to make it resemble a lightsaber.

lg unveils a limited edition star wars themed oled tv 02

No further details were shared but I would certainly hope the remote control makes lightsaber noises when swung around!

Only 501 units will be sold in the United States in reference to the 501st Legion. LG has yet to announce an official date or price. The regular non Star Wars version retails at $2,300 USD, so it would presumably be in that range.

So what do you think about the StarWars TV? Cool, or just a poor effort?