Is there such a thing as “Lost Technology,” or is that a myth?


In this article, you can find out if lost technology is a myth.


Technology is one of the most happening works of modern times. Well, it has become so because of the continuous boom in the last three decades. However, does that mean it never existed in the historic time?

No, certainly not! Technology was forever there and many of its elements became old and gradually shifted to the list of “Lost Technology”.

Here, you can learn about a few historic lost technologies and some recent ones. So, you can understand that the term is not a myth. Simply, you can consider that the technologies out of use for a long time can be considered lost.

Part 1: Historic Lost Technologies

In this part, you can check out a few historic “Lost Technologies”. All these things are subject to research now and scientists are looking for their compositions/usages. Take a look:

The Antikythera Mechanism


The Antikythera Mechanism is complex historical technology. It is basically a machine containing some thirty levers, wheels, and gears. According to the scientists, this machine might have been used by the Greeks to measure time.

The design of the Antikythera Mechanism shows that it might have been used by men in the 1st or 2nd century. The mechanism was used to measure solar year and lunar time. This machine was found among the shipwreck remains.

Damascus Steel

damascus steel blade
damascus steel blade

Damascus steel is a type of strong metal used in North Africa and the Middle East. According to historians, it was widely used during the 1100-1700 AD period. As per the research, modern experts say that it is actually wootz steel.

Weapons made of Damascus Steel were widely known for their strength. There are records that it could cut other weaker swords into halves. The main reason for its loss was probably the unavailability of wootz steel.

In such a situation, the weapon makers had no other way but to make swords with newer technologies. Read More: thelegalguides.com, thedatingdairy.com, thebitcoinmagazine.org, essaywritingguides.com, thecbdmagazine.net, thecasinomagazine.org

Roman Cement

temple g624e7898f 1280
temple g624e7898f 1280

Roman Cement is yet another “lost technology” as it was used in the middle east long before modern concrete came. Apart from the Romans, Assyrians, Persians, and Egyptians also used it to make the buildings.

Part 2: Modern Lost Technologies

As you know about the ancient lost technologies, it is now time to know about the modern lost technologies. Take a look at the following entries to understand.



Pager is one of the modern lost technologies that most people know about. It ruled the market in the 1980s but by the mid-1900s, it vanished. The main reason for the discontinuation of the pager was the launch of mobiles.

People became quite tilted toward the mobile phones as they eased voice calls in the initial days. As a result, it took merely five years for the pager to turn into a lost technology.

Classic Watches

pocket watch ga8511e185 1280
pocket watch ga8511e185 1280

There was a time when classic watches ruled the market. However, at present, it has turned into a lost technology. The market for watches only runs due to people’s fascination with them.

Classic watches can, in no way compete with the smartwatches that are present in the market. They run digitally and even provide data connectivity. So, you can rely on them. Read Also: theparentsmagazine.com, thesportsmag.org, thepetsmagazine.com, gossipment.com, australianscoop.com, UniversalAustralia.com

Final Words

Well, many people think that ‘lost technology’ is a myth but actually it is not. Any technology that has no relevance or scope to evolve in the future can be considered a lost technology. The best you can do is either avoid using them or preserve them accordingly.

Technological experts always agree with the fact that every new technology stands on the base of an existing one. At times, it can be a ‘lost technology’ too.

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