How Chromebooks Are the Best Computers for Students

In 2020, the global epidemic was on the rise due to which we suffered a lot of losses and we are still suffering, as a new variant, Omicron is terrifying all of us again.

During this global epidemic, colleges, schools, universities, etc. were closed.

Due to this the education system seemed to be in disarray. Due to this coronavirus, students were confined to their homes. So, online or virtual learning came to the rescue and provided us with a great alternative to physical classes.

So, when it comes to online classes, the reliance on laptops and computers is increased. This is the reason why sales of laptops and computers are the highest.

The most important thing that shocked the computer manufacturing brands is the record of sales of Chromebooks. It was not like Chromebooks were invented during this pandemic, they were there, but it seems like, education systems and businessmen learned the true importance of them now.

My today’s post is for you in which I will tell you how Chromebook can be beneficial for a student?


Chromebooks are ultra-portable, it is not like our regular notebooks aren’t, but Chromebooks do not come with high specs range like high storage, RAM, dedicated graphics, or a big display, that’s why they are more portable than regular notebooks. 

And for students, carrying a bulky cumbersome carry laptop is the worst thing. They move a lot, from hostel to campus, and from classes to their homes, and carrying a heavy laptop does not suit them. 

Chromebooks are portable, compact, easy to slip in a backpack and carry along without any big trouble, that’s why, Chromebooks are an ideal contender if you need a laptop for online computing, browsing, emailing, docs handling, meetings, and the tasks like that. 

Cheapest computer:

Yes, Chromebooks are the cheapest computers you can get hands-on. I saw in a post and was shocked to see that you can buy a Chromebook for $100. Yes, I am right. Do check the post to get an idea of the cheapest Chromebooks. 

So, for students as well as for parents, it is easier to opt with Chromebooks. For the parents, who have more than one kid attending online classes, it becomes hard for them to buy more than one regular notebook at one time. Yes, but in the case of Chromebooks, because they are cheap, you can buy more than one at one time. 

Easy to use:

Yes, Chromebooks are way easier to use, especially for kids and seniors. Kids maybe can learn how to run even complex gadgets. 

But, for seniors, it is hard to learn new gadgets. But in the case of Chromebooks, there are very few new things to learn. Chromebooks are as easy in operation as smartphones. They have almost no learning curves. 

Plus, you would not have to install third-party apps like the way you have to do in the case of Windows laptops. Here, you can install anything from Chrome Webstore, just a click away. And more importantly, there will be no virus or malware issue. 

Battery timing:

As you and I know for sure, whether it’s a laptop or a computer, a mobile phone or something else, battery timing matters a lot. Whether it’s using a Chromebook or a laptop, it’s important to have good battery timing. So, let’s talk about Chromebook battery?

Chromebooks are small, compact with smaller screens, that’s why they consume less power and you get more battery hours. 

Chromebooks are best for students or not?

Yes, if you want a laptop to take online classes, or do casual computing or browsing, it is the Chromebook you should go with. But, if you are a professional or attending professional degree, you might not go well with a Chromebook, because here you require a working laptop. 

Is it possible that Chromebook is better than a laptop?

Chromebooks are best for browsing, docs handling, spreadsheets, and many similar tasks. 

If you are a professional then the laptop is the best for you. It depends on what is the best. Because it is not necessary that if one thing is best for one then it is also best for others. That is why Chromebook is best for students.

Are Chromebooks Good for Seniors?

I find Chromebooks the best computer for seniors. Chromebooks are easy to use, got almost no learning curves. For seniors, it is hard to learn new things. With Chromebooks, they can easily handle online things like attending classes, zoom meetings, browsing, streaming, binge-watching, and others.


After discussing Chromebooks, the conclusion is that Chromebooks are best for a student in every way. Because neither are they more expensive than the ones that can’t be bought, the ones that are harder to use. Besides, the benefits are huge and there is no difficulty in handling them. Its size is also perfect which can be easily put in the bag.

But one thing you must keep in mind is that Chromebooks are not for professionals at all and professionals cannot do their job on them. While video editing, modeling, graphic design, and running heavy software are the work of professional people, these tasks cannot be done on a Chromebook.