Problems after Installing new Software in Windows – Causes and Solutions

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Most computer users at some point of time face problems after installing new software on their PC. The reasons for this could be many and varied or just that the last installed software could be the main culprit. Quite often people in such an event could possibly witness a variety of problems with their PC.

The Windows platform may not boot properly and might show errors. The newly installed software might have interrupted the functionality of other existing software’s or the printer that was working fine may have abruptly stopped functioning. All these problems generally arise due to conflict with one another. Hence, in that aspect, it is vital to be cautious and ensure new software’s are installed correctly to avoid any such conflicts.


When new software’s are not installed properly it often leads to conflict with other existing software’s. This may not only result in error reports, but some of the old software’s may stop working altogether as a result.

Another possible reason could be that the software installed recently by the user might be bugged in the first place, leading to errors even if the installation is carried out correctly.

When the old software’s stop working then the user might have a harrowing time in trying to fix his system. Quite often there is the case where the new software is clean and has been installed correctly. Still upon installation you would see that the issues of conflict arise with older applications.

In such scenarios there are a few corrective measures that you can make.


Uninstall and Reinstall the software

Often this proves to be a worthwhile solution to many of the installation problems experienced by the users. Make sure that you follow proper installation protocol for the software and see how the system responds this time to the new installation. Hence, first uninstall the program and then reinstall it.

After you finish installing, if you still face problems like error in booting of your Windows platform you can then try and adopt to boot Windows in the Safe Mode. This process again rectifies many problems and has given relief to a lot of users.

Look for updates

Many a time people install software that is very outdated. This is one of the main sources of errors especially if the user is not very computer proficient. One way to avoid these kinds of installation errors is to go to the site of the desired program and check for new versions or latest updates.

This is a very crucial step as the users keep upgrading their Operating Systems, many of the software developers also upgrade their software’s to provide better services to their users. Very often you would notice that some of these software’s would not be compatible with your existing Windows OS.

In case, you are using a device like a printer, sound card, graphics card etc make sure to go online and check for the latest drivers that are compatible with your windows platforms. This will give you error free installation and will also help you to extract the best out of your devices.


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