"Inexpensive illumination", fluorescent stickers

illumitaded keyboard stickers on black BG

 When i first saw these i thought “what a stupid gadget”, but i appear tp have been wrong. Reading the description it appears these stickers that you put on an old “non illuminated” keyboard actually makes it glow, to some extent. Read it, and keep enjoying that old keyboard you just cant let go off.

The Glowing Keyboard Stickers are not “glow in the dark.” Instead, they are made of a high quality fluorescent print that reflects any ambient source of light. Sure they take a little while to put on, but not that long. And sure they don’t work in complete darkness without any ambient light to reflect, but give them some light and watch them shine (literally). The goal of the Glowing Keyboard Stickers is to offer you an inexpensive way to make your computer keyboard as cool as the more expensive light up ones, all the while adding a bit extra reflective illumination to your key caps. ‘But how do we know they really work?’ you ask. Well, that’s easy. The proof that the Glowing Keyboard Stickers really work is all the words you just read above. This product description was written in a dim room on that very same laptop mentioned in the first paragraph – surprise twist ending!

Keep in mind these are only for US keyboards.

Glowing Keyboard Stickers

  • High quality fluorescent print reflects any ambient source.
  • Eases eye fatigue while typing in lower-light levels.
  • Matte surface that is pleasant to touch.
  • Easy to apply – just peel and stick (yet allows for a clean full removal with no sticky residue).
  • Can be trimmed to fit non-standard keyboards.
  • Dimensions: (full sticker sheet) – 9.5″ x 4″

Story time: one day a monkey was told by his boss that he was getting a new laptop. “It will have everything,” the boss said, “including a fingerprint scanner and light up keys.” Then the monkey got the laptop. Sure it was super fast, but did it have a fingerprint scanner? No. And did the keys light up? No. The monkey was sad. Then he found these Glowing Keyboard Stickers. He tried them out, and was happy. Yay!


You can buy it HERE