Things to Take Care While Reinstalling Windows

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The software of the Windows platform sometimes get so corrupted that the user would have no choice, but to reinstall the operating system all over again. The user could try system recovery methods that come equipped with the latest versions of Windows nowadays. However, even these do not work all the time and the user would be left with no choice, but to go in for reinstallation.


Here are some tips that you can consider while you are about to reinstall your Windows:-


Collect data and important files


When you go in for an installation the possibility of the user losing data is pretty high. Hence, it makes perfect sense to arrange for backups to face such an eventuality. Look for recovery CD’s that you would be given at the time of purchase.


You can check if that works fine on the system. If it does, the system recovery can be carried out in a very efficient manner. In case, you have gone in for an OS upgrade look for recovery CD’s that you had burnt when the upgrade was carried out.


If none of these solutions work then the user can create backups. Try to save as much as data as possible before you go in for a reinstallation of your OS. Take an external drive that can store large volumes of data and save as much files as possible before you initiate reinstallation.


Also, make sure to collect all drivers and other original files. Note down the license numbers of original software, which were used in the system.


Backups through Easeus Todo


This is a very god solution for users, who are about to go in for a reinstallation. This software can be used to create copies of your files in your internal Hard disk into the external drive. It performs two functions, which are image backups and cloning.


The cloning would be a much more suitable process as it would be easier to transfer the files post the installation. Creating an emergency boot disc through this software is also a good idea.


The reinstallation process


As you initiate this process, the wizard will ask you about the type of installation you seek. In case you’re using Windows 7 or Vista click on Custom (advanced) option and wait for the process to conclude.


This process often takes hours, so go grab a bite or read a book. However, make sure to keep an eye on the system from time to time to check if the installation process is carrying out smoothly.


After installation


Once the process has concluded weed out all the unnecessary files that still hover about in your new OS. Use the windows update feature to replenish some of the drivers of applications that require them. You could also use software’s like Revo uninstaller or Total uninstaller to remove some of the stubborn applications that are not required in the system.


Following this, reinstall the list of programs that need to be put into your system and slowly once this process is done you can also use your backup to transfer the files into your PC.



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