Giant Speakers Built With Snow

You can build a speaker cabinet out of just about anything, but usually you would use something like.. wood..

Michigan Tech’s Audio Engineering society however likes to think outside the box. They have been building massive speakers using snow and ice. And not only does it look incredible, but apparently it sounds really nice as well. Until they melt that is.

Check out their snow speakers in action:

“Here is the Audio Engineering Societies Michigan Tech Student Sector submission. You see a lot of speakers made of wood but not many made of snow. The entire speaker is made from packed snow, then plywood baffles are iced into place for the speakers to mount to. We used 8 Eminence Delta 15-A, 6 Eminence ASD1001, and 24 MTX 12 inch subwoofers. It was all powered by 2 Crown XTI 1000, 2 XTI 4000, and 4 XTI 6000. The subwoofers were delayed to create a power alley down the middle of the campus and DJ’s played on top of the statue from 7pm to 4am.”

Apparently they have been going with this concept for some time. The snow speaker rave wasn’t their first snow audio creation. Check out this 20000W snow horn:

Powering this immense array of drivers were nine Behringer EP2500s and a Crown XLS602