AiWays U5 Chinese EV SUV Test Drive

I recently got to test drive one of the first Chinese EVs to hit the European market. The AiWays U5 is a spacious starter EV with ~200HP, which gives a very high end first impression. But there are some issues.

The first batch will be delivered without fast charging. The ones delivered after April 2022 will come with 3 phase charging and CCS.

Another issue is that it doesn’t have one pedal drive, a hallmark for EVs. It drives just like any automatic transmission vehicle. Which is fine if you’re used to that. But I prefer one pedal drive.

The showroom model lacked a few features, like heated seats and self parking. But if you order one all that should be present. Though it does make one wonder if this car has been rushed to market.

All in all it’s a very spacious car, it handles well enough, and if you’re looking for an electric family car then this may be a good choice at the price of $41000.