31145.2 New PWW Video 2022


Parker Warner Wright, the person behind the famous plague doctor crypto puzzle video 11BX1371 has released yet another video. And this one’s a real headscratcher..

Last year PWW released a video titled “The Trigger” which got a lot of attention, but ultimately left people confused. his puzzle videos always contain a bunch of different cryptographic riddles ranging from spectrograms to enigmas. The last one didn’t produce as many solutions as usual making people think it might have had a different purpose.

His videos are usually titled as some numerical sequence, like this new one. So will this one clear up some unanswered questions?

What’s different about this one is the format of the video of itself, which is similar to a spinning radar. A bunch of symbols and figures appear in the video.

So far no one has sent me any solutions but I’ve been presented with a few ideas. People seem to think more along the lines of aliens rather than the occult in this one. Maybe it’s meant to be a message from aliens?

Hopefully time will tell, so if you know anything make sure to contact me so I can gather your solutions here!

The video in question:

Parker Wright released another video on his YouTube channel very closely to this one. Perhaps there are clues in there?

What’s interesting about this video is that PWW calls it Oscilloscope Music. An oscilloscope visualizes analog signals, perhaps further hinting at signals of some sort being a key to the video 31145.2.