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New Google Chrome Feature Let's You Know What Tabs Are Making Noise

6 years ago / 0 comments

If you’re the kind of person who has many tabs open it has surely happened to you that an ad or video starts playing in the background, and you can’t find …

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Install Windows and Mac OSX on google's cr-48 laptop

9 years ago / 0 comments

I really wonder if google appreciates this.. Technically they did build the cr-48 around hacking. Anyway, now not only can we have google chrome and ubuntu on it. We can install …

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Google makes it's own computer, the ChromeBook CR-48

9 years ago / 1 comments

interested users and businesses which will provide feedback, and it looks like there’s no way to actually pay money for one right now.In case you’re wondering about the name, Cr-48 refers …

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