Some of the Must See/Must Experience Gadgets of 2021 and Beyond

If you’re the type who absolutely must have the latest and greatest in hi-tech gadgetry, 2021 is beefing up to be a banner year for you. Maybe you’re into music and the latest and greatest automobile audio components like those you can get for car stereos from CarToys.com. Or maybe you you’d rather listen to your music through a lollypopor other newly engineered wireless headphones.

Or perhaps, instead of music, you’re more interested in the latest model laptop or smartphone. Maybe a wrist-bound fitness tracker is your thing. Whatever hi-tech you are into, WIRED Magazine has provided what they call the “definitive guide” to some of the best, must see/must experience gadgets and products that have already been tested by its large stable of reliable reviewers.

That said, here are just some of the number one hi-tech picks.

The 4K TV

Anyone in the market for a $2,880 U.S. flat-screen television? Heck, why not buy two? But this 65-inch OLED TV is said to be the best in the home entertainment business at present. Boasting exceptional picture quality due to its brand new “evo”OLEDtechnology, state-of-the-art webOS interface, it also features a number of HDMI 2.1 ports for what’s called next- generation gaming, and more. It also comes with a trendy chassis. Even its sound quality is said to be superb. However, WIRED suggests you purchase a sound bar to go with it.

Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones

When you’re not listening to music on your best-in-class car stereo, you can use these Sony wireless headphones which are said to represent the top of the line. While these headphones are not a reinvention of over-ear entertainment, Sony engineers have made some distinct improvements and tweaks that make them “cutting edge.” So what do you get with these $250-plus headphones? Stellar noise-cancelling, long battery life, terrific sound quality and a super comfortable fit.

A New Dell Laptop

This surprisingly affordable laptop (about $750 U.S.) is said to be the best you can purchase in 2021. The 13-inch model is slim and lightweight, making it ready to travel.But it’s also billed as tough, which means it can handle whatever heavy workload you throw at it. Several configuration options come with the 2021 model. These include a non-glare screen, full UHD and touchscreen versions, Tiger Lake processors, Xe graphics, and more. This computer is not only great for handling your workload when on the go, it is said to be a superior gaming machine for those long airport layovers.

Apple’s New iPhone 12 Smartphone

If you’re looking for an affordable smartphone (about $700-plus) you can’t go wrong with the Apple iPhone 12. In a word, this phone features more “horsepower” from its Android competition such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The iPhone 12 is said to feature its unique, fast softwarecapability, a brand new design, unheralded photography opportunities, plus a whole bunch of new features.

The Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness Tracker

This lightweight, wristband fitness tracker that goes for less than $100 U.S., is said to be a great option for those gym rats and workout junkies who’ve never owned such a device before. It’s outfitted with a GPS tracker, heart rate monitors, activity/sleep tracking, and more. It’s said to be an all-around smart fitness tool that looks stylish and is comfortable enough to wear day in and day out. 

The Peloton Bike+ Exercise Bike

Along with the pandemic came the booming demand for home workouts. The Peloton Bike+ is said to have filled that demand quite nicely. At around $2,000-plus it’s not cheap, but it is said to be the best exercise bike you can buy. It features a new and improved touchscreen, easy-to-use Auto-Follow that synchs with the remote instructor’s commands, plus more premium hardware options for enhanced workouts.

You can even get combination spin class and floor workouts that will allow you to change your workouts up. Taken along with the already massive catalogue of existing Peloton workouts, you’ll never be bored with the same old routine.

The Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Said to be the number one video doorbell you can buy in 2021, the Google Nest model boasts everything you might be looking for in a digital doorbell. Priced at an affordable $175 U.S., the slick doorbell allows you to manage all alerts, while pre-recording messages. It even features an optional facial recognition tool if exceptional security is of prime concern. It has impressive video and zoom quality also.