Pinball Machine That Plays Itself + Building Instructions

self playing pinball machine instructable

This project was built as a senior design project for Kennesaw State University by user Tdoe321 on Instructables.

He has the following to say about the project:

“A pinball machine that plays itself, doesn’t that take all the fun out of it?” I hear you ask. Maybe if you’re not into autonomous robots it might. Me, however, I’m very much all about building robots that can do cool stuff, and this one does some pretty cool stuff.

It works using motors controlled by an Arduino and a camera on top that tracks the ball.

Now if you’re interested in building one yourself just head over to Instructable for the instructions. It’s a pretty big project that will require tools like a CNC machine, 3D printer and/or laser cutter. The whole thing is pretty much built out of birch, but I suppose you could use any material you see fit.