Smartflower: Autonomous Solar Power Plant

Smartflower sweden rock vip pop
At the Sweden rock festival they had one of these Smartflowers on display in the VIP area. Safe to say I was intrigued the moment I saw it..

Smartflower is essentially a solar panel that automatically unfolds and follows the sun throughout the day. It can also be moved from place to place with relative ease.


This is a very unique use of solar panels. By far the easiest to setup and use and yet offer such advanced features such as following the sun, and folding itself in during nighttime or rain.

“The sunflower uses solar energy more efficiently than almost any other plant”, says Alexander Swatek, CEO of smartflower energy technology.
smartflower chart

It comes in three sizes, the Smartflower Pop which is pictured here, and the larger variant Samrtflower Pop+, as well as the smaller version Smartflower Pop-E.


Depending on the region, it delivers between 3,400 and 6,200 kWh a year, which completely covers the average electricity consumption of a household in central Europe (approx. 4,000 kWh p.a.).

smartflower pop close-up

Beyond this it also clearly looks amazing. By far the most beautiful option if you want to give personal solar power a go.

As for pricing it’s not quite as simple as a number. You can find local dealers here. The dealers then provide you with an offer.