This Device (Sort Of) Lets You Communicate With Fireflies

firefly communicator
Firefly Communicator is an invention by Joey Stein, designed to attract fireflies. It is currently fully funded on Kickstarter, but you can still get one for $30.

Now as I stated, it doesn’t actually let you communicate with fireflies. It will however mimic their blinking patterns in order to attract them. Which is pretty awesome if you ask me.

Firefly Communicator is a brand new device – the first of its kind – allowing people to emulate the light patterns of fireflies, attracting them with the press of a single button. Firefly Communicator’s simple yet elegant design has been streamlined for ease of use and can be programmed (using the cutting-edge SpeakFirefly app) to display known, existing firefly patterns or even those that have yet to be discovered – the number of possible patterns is limitless. With Firefly Communicator, the potential for discovery and the opportunity to contribute to science is at your fingertips.

Besides the built in analysed pattern of firelfies, you can also prgram your own patterns. Users can then upload patterns on a plattform (SpeakFirefly.com).

How well this will actually work remains to be seen. But the creator says that the prototype works woderfully.

[Project Page]