This Is What The Windows Desktop Will Look Like In Virtual Reality

Virtual+Desktop, VR
Opinions are highly divided on the question whether VR googles will one day replace screens. Thanks to the app ‘Virtual desktop’ you can see one version Windows 10 might look like in virtual reality.

The app which is $15 was developed by Guy Godin for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Imagine having your entire Windows desktop projected on a movie theater screen while sitting in the best seat in the house, and you’ll have some idea of what Virtual Desktop offers.
-Devindra Hardawar, Engadget

There are other solutions for using your actual computer with VR headsets. Like SteamVR’s desktop theater mode for HTC Vive which also lets you use Windows in VR. However it is reported to make it difficult to read text and actually use the computer in any productive way.

Here you can see it in action:

This technology has some way to go before it’s a superior user experience compared to the good old computer screen. But I can definitely see some potential here.