HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset Teardown

htc vive teardown

This is the first teardown we’ve posted in a long while. The HTC Vive is perfect for reviving that trend.

I suppose we’ve all wondered what a VR headset looks like on the inside, and concluded that it’s probably not that exciting. Well, turns out that’s wrong, it is pretty exciting, at least as far as the HTC Vive goes.

The teardown is courtesy of iFixit.


As you can see this thing is just absolutely packed with sensors.

In my opinion the internal design is incredibly well done.

The Vive’s “Lighthouse” laser base stations include motors that literally spin the lasers in order to help the headset’s sensors track their position. And that’s probably the coolest part.


So many sensors. Suddenly it’s starting to make sense why these headsets require such high performance computers.

And finally the main PCB of the “Lighthouse”


If you’re curious how the Oculus Rift compares: