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Regarding the weird video that we received that has stirred the internet, to say the least. People have uncovered a lot of information, but it’s hard to make connections between the different messages. Many different theories have been put out there, but nothing conclusive, so I thought we’d have a look at what we do know and what it points to.
spectrogram creepy puzzle
At one point, when the gruesome images hidden in the sound file were uncovered many people thought this was the work of a serial killer. Scary for sure.

But then people started finding the origins of those images.

Image of girl is the same as this image from the German movie Slasher made in 2007. I’ll link it to you, but be warned, it’s very much NSFW.

In the Audio Spectrograph, one of the images you can see, looks like a tortured girl BUT it also looks veeery close to Courbet’s Painting “Origin of the World”. The diferences are that the spectrograph version is shaved. Wich is an Andrey Keske art based on the Courbets.

I’ll link that too, but same warning, not safe for work. You can find it here

One of the embedded photos is from a horror movie called The Bunny Game, .. , and a third is an actual crime-scene photo showing a victim of Albert DeSalvo, better known as the Boston Strangler.

It seems the images were chosen at random, one is from a movie, one is a piece of art and one is an actual crime scene photo. Still creepy, but at least this tells us that the person who made the video isn’t a serial killer trying to spread his work.


Then there’s the idea that this might be a promotional stunt of some sort.

The story and settings seems to fit quite well with an upcoming movie based on a book by author Dan Brown, some also see a connection to a ScyFy series.


It could also be the start of a viral marketing campaign for a television show, movie, or video game. Several Reddit users have settled on it being a complex promo stunt for the new big screen version of Dan Brown’s novel Inferno. In the book, a death-obsessed genius sends a video while wearing a similar outfit to the man in the clip and preaches the benefits of creating a new plague to reduce the human population. The movie is slated to arrive next year.

Others agree that it’s a promotional stunt but claim the Syfy series 12 Monkeys is the more likely culprit. As the show’s synopsis explains, the series follows a time traveler who has come back in time to stop a deadly plague from destroying humanity. A mysterious character in the show bares a striking resemblance to the person seen in the video clip:


Daily Dot

Another interesting connection is that it might be the musician Skrillex that is behind this. The theory comes from the decoded message ‘RED LIPSLIFE TENTH’, Skrillex has released a song called ‘Red Lips’

Skrillex is an electro DJ known for his references and taste for illuminati and satanic issues. Has a very known song/video called “Red Lips” that came out in May 2015. Maybe is kinda marketing campaign, or maybe this can be the stolen CDs that Skrillex declared that had been stolen from his hotel room. Others electro DJs like Aphex Twin had before put hidden images in the specrogram, like in the musical video WindowLicker

Also Skrillex tweeted this yesterday:

  While this does seem entirely plausible, the problem is that the hints towards the works being promoted are fairly weak. And a reoccurring question is, ‘why wasn’t this sent to a bigger news outlet?’. —   Then there’s this lead, which went cold pretty fast. But it might hint towards the creator hacking a website to spread clues.

**This Facebook page is not affiliated with That site has been hacked. Our correct website is**

Posted by Triton Television on Monday, October 19, 2015

As for the source of the video, one seemingly promising lead comes from a cached version of a now-defunct website. The blog for Triton TV, a University of California, San Diego film group, showed a screencap of the disturbing video along with a title and description written entirely in binary code. The Daily Dot reached out to Triton TV only to discover that the blog in question had been hacked just weeks prior. Whoever brought down the site chose to upload whatever creepy YouTube videos they could find, seemingly at random, in an effort to troll people.

Daily Dot

Then there’s the people who think that this is a credible threat towards president Obama. To me this is the scariest theory, but some things lead me to believe it’s not accurate.

This idea comes from the fact that coordinates to the white house have been found in the video. Combined with the message ‘RED LIPSLIFE TENTH’, which could possibly be an anagram for ‘KILL THE PRESIDENT’.

At first glance this would seem to be a likely theory. But if you think about it it might also not be.

The media that is saying  that the F = K mean that it could be up to the way you interpret that character (46 = F, 4b = K) . But ‘Fill the president makes little sense, although maybe that is indeed what it was intended to say)

The K in “Kill The President” is because in the hex it was decrypted from had a “b” in it. The researchers thought that it also looked like a “6”, which means that that particular letter could have been an F or a K.

The message RED LIPSLIFE TENTH could be an anagram for that, but it could be also be something else entirely. Since nothing substantial about that message has been found, this seems as likely as the Skrillex connection.

But what makes me the most skeptical is the fact there is no actual threat in the video. There’s a lot of talk about death, but no actual threats.
There are mentions of something one year from now, but that might have already been. (Nope, that was false information spread by Aetbx)
The dates of the photos confirm that the video was created sometime between November 2013 and April 2015. -Daily Dot
And once again there’s the question ‘Why was this sent to a small tech blog in Sweden?’, note that we do have a US address listed on the website too. It makes little sense to go about it that way if you wanted to reach the US government somehow.

Nobody could have guessed this thing would become so big, but by now the US government has to have seen it. And I haven’t heard anything from them, although I would help them any way I could if they did decide to contact me. This at least suggest that they aren’t taking it seriously.

It may just be me sincerely hoping this isn’t a terrorist threat, but I do find it unlikely. None the less, the prospect is scary

It was suggested to me that ‘Kill the president’ might actually be a reference to this song. I’m skeptical, but it seems as credible as the other speculations.

13 ani (and?) 50 was part of one of the decrypted messages. It’s been suggested this might refer to 13 stripes and 50 stars on the U.S flag. So far the only solid theory, others have however suggested it might be a date or a year.

Connected to the previous theory is the one that the video is an invitation to join the Illuminati. Well, that seems incredibly unlikely.

“A new order is on the rise. You will join, or you will fall”
The White House stuff combined with this, and the masonic eye (possibly the hand symbols too) is what makes people believe this.

But honestly, presuming the Illuminati even exists outside The DaVinci Code, why would they want me to join?

And if they want anyone who can decrypt it to join, they will soon have a whole lot of members.

But one does have to consider that this might be an invite to join some kind of secret society, and maybe it was never meant to come out the way it did.

Lukasz Matablewski, creater of DO NOT BELIEVE HIS LIES, lives in Warsaw – he has done this type of this before. see this video which was part of the DNBHL puzzle :

This one I can’t actually find any evidence against. The only thing that strikes me is the major difference in styles, that is how it was made. (And the same goes for ‘Cicada 3301’)

But it does seem possible, perhaps we’ll hear from Lukasz Matablewski..

2ab02d324be94bf2ea1acf5669183d1aThe AETBX theory… The very first uploader. He started uploading new codes adding to the puzzle, he invented the ‘Muerte’ title and the ‘one year from now’ thing.
At first it would seem this person was taking responsibility. But of course he has denied that from the very start.

When I posted one of his doodles he promptly emailed me asking ‘to end this nightmare’ and delete that photo. (He said I would respect his request if he explained, he did. But honestly, why do it to begin with.) See the emails here

Was It him? Is he an impostor? How was he the first to get the CD?

Why was the CD found in Spain when the others seem to originate in Poland. As it turns out this guy has been very active, either building on his creepy puzzle, or spreading false information. But why….

There are clearly more questions than answers…


This new spectrogram was sent to  Reddit user theufomusic, it includes this message:

0101010001100101001000000111001101101001 0110011101110101011001010010000001110001 0111010101100101011001000110000101101110 0110010001101111001000000011000100100000 0110000111000011101100010110111100100000 0110110101100101011011100110111101110011

[ES] Te sigue quedando 1 año menos [EN] You still has one year less (You still have one year or less)


So the questions, what on earth is this guy trying to do. He claims he didn’t create the video, yet he very much acts like it.

Someone pointed out this whole thing might be created by the same person who made a website called It certainly is as creepy, if not more creepy.

This was posted about the Magibon project by it’s creator (Danung)

This is an experiment in memetics, or the phenomenon of cultural transmission on the Internet. The idea was to utilize the fame and popularity of an already-existing cultural instance on the Internet. So I targeted the bizarrely popular YouTube-video-blogger “Mririan” (also known as “Magibon”).. She is a 21-year old (but much younger looking) girl who is most recognized for frequently putting up videos where she stares at the camera without saying much or anything at all. But her videos are seen by millions.

Then of course there’s the theory that this is just a really elaborate joke, perhaps by film students.
No particular evidence for or against. We know it wasn’t the Parker Wright film student we found. But it does still seem to be the most likely theory.

Here’s an interesting theory! This might have been made by an angry former Bell employee.

Bell is a Canadian telephone provider, and doesn’t even exist in Poland. So it’s weird to find this here:


And if you go to it gets even more interesting.

But besides the spray I don’t see any connections to the video. It sure is an interesting idea though.

As for the idea that I made it. Well, frankly it would be a terribly stupid thing to make and then publish on your own website. Although it does seem kind of harmless at this point, it still contains some stuff that one could really get in trouble for. Not to mention how much it would hurt my reputation as a journalist.

There’s nothing else suggesting this would be the correct theory. I don’t have the skills to make something like this, besides I’ve never even been in Poland.

Although I see why some people might think so, which is why I thought I’d mention it. Also, do feel free to ask me questions in the comments

By now you all know what happened in Paris on the 13th of November. Immediately I started receiving comments about how this video might have been a warning about that.

That is of course an extremely unsettling thought, and I can see why some might jump to that conclusion.
But let’s not forget that there’s not actually anything in the video specifically about France, Paris or Isis.

It has also been suggested that Anonymous has something to do with this video somehow.

The following sentence is from “Anonymous”:
“ISIS, we will hunt you, take down your sites, emails, accounts and expose you. From now on, no safe place for you online.
You will be treated like a virus, and we are the cure.”

Maybe ISIS is the virus and Anonymous the “antivirus” – like in our creepy video.

A person claiming to be the creator of the video has stepped up recently on Twitter and Facebook. The person goes under the name Parker Warner Wright.

This isn’t the first person to make it seem like they made the video, but some things about this person stands out. He’s obviously very dedicated and keeps replying to questions, with fairly reasonable responses. He is very straight forward in his answers unlike others who claimed responsibility. The purpose of the video was apparently to make a political statement in an artistic way.
parker warner wright birdman 11bx1371 mask
For proof he has posted a picture of the supposed mask, of course people have replicated the mask previously, like the Halloween costume I posted about earlier. And what might be the source files for the geometric puzzle in the video. He also posted the source code for the blinking light in the hand, which was apparently made using Arduino. However he failed to prove that the PWW Youtube account is his, he says it’s because he forgot the password.

If this is true it’s incredibly exciting. Personally I will remain skeptical for now, some things still don’t make sense, like why send it to me specifically.

Here is a document that was posted with many of his replies to questions.
Well, it’s starting to really look like the Parker Warner Wright guy is the person who made the video.

Besides the previously provided evidence, he has now changed the description of the original youtube video. Which means he has regained access to his youtube account.
It used to say ‘Are you listening?’, it now says ‘Are you watching?’

He also posted a CD which he says is from the same batch as the one that was sent to me. Suggesting we can confirm using the serial numbers on the CD. I honestly can’t read the serial numbers he provided, but if you want to have a go at it I have included the serial number on the CD I received.

Further photo evidence. This, I think is harder to fake. I am confident, if you match these numbers against the numbers on the disc Gadgetzz received, they should match very closely.

Posted by Parker Wright on Friday, December 4, 2015

I’ve asked him about his reason for sending the video to me specifically. The answers were rather obscure and didn’t quite satisfy me, but apparently he received one of my business cards. That suggests he has attended a consumer electronics trade show. It would also

Supposedly PWW gave one of the gloves in the video to a collector. However I haven’t been able to find any more than a tweet about it, so I’m not sure.

My first thought was the CES in Vegas, but it might make more sense if it was CeBIT or IFA, since these are in Germany and a bit closer to Poland. I have asked him for a picture of the business card, so let’s see if he delivers.
As for peoples reaction to this.. Some are relieved it’s just a piece of art, me included. But many people are also dissapointed, since it kills the mystery. The comments on this Facebook post by PWW about sums that up.

Someone would have to be very clever, to produce the amount of evidence I have presented. It’s actually quite…

Posted by Parker Wright on Friday, December 4, 2015

Personally I don’t really know what to think. It may kill the mystery for some, but I’m more curious than ever. This is the closest we’ve been to any actual answers about this whole thing.

He has promised that a follow up version is on the way, which will supposedly fill some of the gaps in the first version.


Let me know if I missed anything!
I will keep updating both the original article and this post.



Parker Warner Wright has been confirmed as the creator of the video. He has also released part two, you can find it here.


Johny (John-Erik) Krahbichler is the CEO and main author of Gadgetzz, since 2009. While Mr. Krahbichler's expertise is in consumer electronics, his true passion is science´, and educating the world about the universe we inhabit. Check out the non-profit Scientific Literacy Matters Currently Johny is using his experience from covering trade shows such as the CES, to work with trade show exhibition marketing.


  • Schuetteltier31. Oct, 2015

    The bell may be a reference, not to the telephone provider but for “Die Glocke” (not the poem).

  • ²³^31. Oct, 2015


    |. cut into two pieces, cut in half, divide, sever
    ||. Capital punishment

    Might be the ref. to ‘disesteblishment’.

    Punishment also fits into the whole context.

  • mp30. Oct, 2015

    whats with the fingers? counting 3 , 1, 2 ??
    in correct order:
    showing 1 finger it appears : 07-G
    showing 2 fingers it appears: 06-F
    showing 3 fingers it appears: 24-x
    Google says: 07-g 06-f24-x = mental disease

    • mp30. Oct, 2015

      …well i may be wrong with the result buts whats the Point with the fingers the numbers????

      • Ralf31. Oct, 2015

        This could mean “Enigma-G ABWEHR with the serial-number 312”
        But also the numbers are equal to the position in the alphabet:
        G is the 7th letter of the alphabet…F the 6th, X the 24th and W the 23th, this is later in the video.

  • Mr. Obvious30. Oct, 2015

    There is nothing to solve at all. The creator of this is Johny (John-Erik) Krahbichler. He is playing every one. Why would he receive it out of all the people on earth?

    • mp30. Oct, 2015

      good point

  • SkriptorL30. Oct, 2015

    Hola a todos, comparto espectrograma con textos legibles, pasado a duplicar y deslizar capa con diferencias. Saludos desde España
    Hi all, I share spectrogram with readable text, and slide past a double layer differences. Greetings from Spain

  • showmesnow30. Oct, 2015

    Better download this photo and look on it : Its not the same spray. But same picture

  • nenek30. Oct, 2015

    look on the green picture with skull and numbers on the right is wingdings font:

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  • Zwiebel_ek29. Oct, 2015

    We forgot about one important fact!

    There are AT LEAST two person behind this movie (cameraman and actor)

  • MK29. Oct, 2015

    The film is irregullary cut. Did someone try to decode morse code from time where cuts appear?

    • Konrad29. Oct, 2015

      Good point!

  • Konrad29. Oct, 2015

    It looks like the guy is really small.
    Also I’m sure he’s not Polish – we do not show “three” like this – everyone who watched Inglourious Basterds knows what I mean.
    Someone earlier mentioned about the J letter on the envelope – we do not type J like this.

    my small research –

    • Goha29. Oct, 2015

      The guy stays far from the wall – ca. 0,5m IMO; bricks have different sizes – it all depends from the factory. If he is a student he may come from America.. Still nothing 100% certain :<

    • Goha29. Oct, 2015

      Dimensions of the bricks depend from factory, he also stands far from the wall (the camera catched a blurr which occurs when there is no much light (like there) and the apreture must be wide open; so called”depth of field “). I think that was 0,75cm.
      If he is a student (as I think because it was send from Boboli street just by faculty of Mechatronics) he just might be from N. America. Still nothing 100% certain.

  • Zwiebel_ek29. Oct, 2015

    I found another curious thing that shows there is something in my theory: it’s prove that no one before thats video was made can make a “fuckyoubell” inscription.
    Imagine: Random guy in poland wrote something about canadian corporation (non existing in Poland) on the wall, exactly in place where somebody made a weird movie. It’s almost impossible coincidence.]
    If you check out: you will see the last activity on this site was… May 2015…
    I think there must be some connection. unfortunately I don’t have much time so please help.

  • MarcinKuk29. Oct, 2015

    Guy from my work said that maybe “Grupa Komuna Warszawa” crated this video.
    “Zakład dla Nerwowo i Psychicznie Chorych Żydów Zofiówka” is located in Otwock near Warsaw, and “Grupa Teatralna Komuna Otwock” was in Otwock too. They changed name to “Grupa Komuna Warszawa”.
    They have made steganography workshops:!topic/komuna-otwock/a4Alxuke-JA
    On wikipedia you can read that they create happenings, performances and a lot of other activities.

  • Nominal28. Oct, 2015

    someone put a shirt on amazon

  • Goha28. Oct, 2015

    Don’t know why my previous comment didn’t appeared. I’ve looked on to the post stamp. It was sent from Post office nr. 8 which is located by ul. Boboli (Boboli street). By it there is a
    Faculty of Mechatronics. They are probably their students, thus they know all those codes and how to apply them in video..

    • Goha28. Oct, 2015

      Maybe they even live in nearby academic house/dormitory (or whatever it is called in english)… That’s creepy that they llive in same city.. I was on that street today! :<

      • 137130. Oct, 2015

        They will find you.

    • Locati31. Oct, 2015

      Goha I’m a student of Mechatronics but unfortunately I don’t know any more details about this video. I suppose you’re Polish so if you have any questions you can ask ;)

      • Echo11. Nov, 2015

        Do you know if there are any students from Canada at your university? Maybe some small guy?

  • GrooveRider28. Oct, 2015

    Assuming this is real. What if this is a warning? Let’s say you or a group of people uncovered a plot to.. whatever. If you are smart enough to uncover it, you are likely smart enough to distribute the contents of it in a way that not only spreads the final message to the masses without the possibility of cover-up or burial (mass media/government), but to also do it in a way to not be discovered yourself. Perhaps the only reason this hasn’t been buried yet is because the distribution of it is too far spread by design? Not to mention if the contents are too far fetched to believe as truth, so who would believe it. Any decent conspirist can tell you of the new world order and the illuminati, and that these organizations and plots can exist because the existence of them are too hard to believe. Use their thinking against them? What if everything in this video was uncovered from various sources and presented as they were found by the people who created this video? With additional hints to keep us all on the right train of thought. You have to admit, that mask really does cement the idea that this is medical related…

    Meh, who knows, that’s why this thread is called theories LOL.

  • Mephphisto28. Oct, 2015

    Hi I’ve been working on the Triangle Code (@00:01:26) There are 8 Positions for the Triangle and 3 for the Dots resulting in 24 Combinations. Maybe the Greek Alphabet? I tried to figure it out using the first 24 Letters of the Englisch assuming that Y and Z are unrepresented in the code and represented by further positions of the Dots o.e but one can simply reuse my code. I numbered The Triangles from 0 to 7 starting Up Up Left going Clockwise. and started with the Middle Dot going Clockwise Too numbered 0 to 2. Mathematica Project: But I’m too tired to finish today So these are the Resulting Combinations: {{“bexmoshobpdxgmli”, “cfvnmtimcqevhnjg”, “adwonugnarfwiokh”}, {“cfanptipcqeahnmj”, “dgwonujndrfwiokh”, “bexpovhobsgxjpli”}, {“dgboqujqdrfbionk”, “ehxpovkoesgxjpli”, “cfaqpwipcthakqmj”}, {“ehcprvkresgcjpol”, “fiaqpwlpfthakqmj”, “dgbrqxjqduiblrnk”}, {“fidqswlsfthdkqpm”, “gjbrqxmqguiblrnk”, “ehcsrakrevjcmsol”}, {“gjertxmtguielrqn”, “hkcsranrhvjcmsol”, “fidtsblsfwkdntpm”}, {“hkfsuanuhvjfmsro”, “ildtsbosiwkdntpm”, “gjeutcmtgxleouqn”}, {“ilgtvboviwkgntsp”, “jmeutcptjxleouqn”, “hkfvudnuhamfpvro”}, {“jmhuwcpwjxlhoutq”, “knfvudqukamfpvro”, “ilgwveovibngqwsp”}, {“knivxdqxkamipvur”, “logwvervlbngqwsp”, “jmhxwfpwjcohrxtq”}, {“lojwaeralbnjqwvs”, “mphxwfswmcohrxtq”, “kniaxgqxkdpisaur”}, {“mpkxbfsbmcokrxwt”, “nqiaxgtxndpisaur”, “lojbahraleqjtbvs”}, {“nqlacgtcndplsaxu”, “orjbahuaoeqjtbvs”, “mpkcbisbmfrkucwt”}, {“ormbdhudoeqmtbav”, “pskcbivbpfrkucwt”, “nqldcjtcngslvdxu”}, {“psnceivepfrnucbw”, 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  • ITWASYOU28. Oct, 2015

    What about the theory that you (gadgetZZ) made the video? its missing there. :)

    • Johny28. Oct, 2015

      Hi! That is actually a good point. I shall add that later today, have to go to work right now.

  • Ch0ChL1K28. Oct, 2015

    Year or less left (till 2016)
    13 50

  • Black death27. Oct, 2015

    I have screen from the sect’s website. Made to “onion tor”. Sect: Black Death their connection with Polish

  • Black death27. Oct, 2015

    That person on film is very similar to member “Black Death” It is a sect. Their website was seen in “onion tor”. Recently they changed the address of the page. They posted “we do not want to be popular, trusted people have new adress”. A similar pictures they have on the cover page.
    They offered , among other things: a new identity in Poland.

  • Bud2827. Oct, 2015

    Found the creator! It is Adam Skubba. Oh yeah, not the DJ from Pennsylvania. He posted a message for the
    Grindcore band Gadget on Oct 25 at 5:39 am!! Gadget is a from Gavle Sweden.


    Me and I

    ON FB

    I am working on the message hopefully tonight I will crack the code!

  • Bud2827. Oct, 2015

    I solved the title 11BX1371. It is the starting wheel position for ENIGMA 312
    MMAN – “to target man”
    AHCJ- Should read AHCL “fill the president” = JFK= flip J = L
    AHCL is antivirus for MAN2A1= 11BX1371

    I posted this here because message boards have been unhelpful in progressing.
    They seem to be lost in the weeds and are not looking beyond what they want to see.

    • Delilah27. Oct, 2015

      This could be genius, but I don’t entirely agree with the output on your dropbox. It could definitely be the beginning code for enigma, but why do we have to switch some letters to other? all the hints the video gave us were more than accurate and precise once revealed. Maybe we should change our input?


      DCED – >

      “In regards to welfare, he believes that “if someone gives money to an unemployed person, he should have his hand cut off because he is destroying the morale of the people”

      This man and his party has been involved if my source is authentic.

  • Dwith27. Oct, 2015


    The letter was given in Warsaw as stated from the stamp. Here’s the link:

  • eddynavarro27. Oct, 2015

    This might sound stupid, but take a note: The video is cropped and replaced (some scenes you can see the G eye, others not, so the lenght must be captured.

    And why Gadgetzz would be the 1st target? Well…. You guys deal with technology, which includes hacking and decryption. despite the audio, the video should be looked after too (for example, don’t you guys think it’s a bit weird that the video frames are somehow “overlaying” sometimes? Might be a hint.

    And the most important (and even more stupid) hint: The original CD might contain a mp4 or some sort of video file… Has someone tried to change it’s extension for a .zip or .rar to “see some easter eggs”? Or even better: Extract both files (as a DVD rip, which you can place different kind of files in one CD image) and make the same!

    This is not a omen’s video. Is a video made from a real hacker to other hacker. (AKAs: Black hats), but I got to say: That couple/trio is really creative in passing the message!! lmao!

  • Mr. Nobody26. Oct, 2015

    i found this one, in the video (time 1:51) i dont know if any one saw it already

    sry for my bad english

  • Tiago26. Oct, 2015

    I don’t know if it can help, bit the guy with his hand does a three digit number (312) and I did a little research about it and I found a relantionship with this number and Chicago city. The 312 is the code area of Chicago city… Maybe the city can be in danger…. (hope not)

  • DOM26. Oct, 2015

    hello If I’m in, I need someone Who has Knowledge morce code (which will be the nimgem percebel in his hand)

  • stuff26. Oct, 2015

    Hi all, do you know the exact GPS coordinates for the site where the video was made? At the very top there was a photo form the creepy movie and the photo from the place it was made.

    • stuff26. Oct, 2015

      nevermind: site is the abandoned mental hospital Zofiowka in Otwock town, adress and coords are:

      Kochanowskiego 10/16
      05-400 Otwock
      52.114175, 21.289310

  • GriefyTroll26. Oct, 2015

    EDIT: found this in his BIO: “I am a writer, theatre-maker, festival producer and pharmacy assistant from Canberra, Australia.” and
    “In 2012 I was awarded a Fellowship from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust to research the intersection of climate science and the performing arts in North America, Europe and Asia.” (sounds like he travel a lot)

  • GriefyTroll26. Oct, 2015

    I made a google-picture-search and found this: there’s the man with the mask, but in a better resolution and
    from 2006!
    He has also written a ‘disease play’ (haven’t read yet)

  • whywouldyouknowme25. Oct, 2015

    Some could say I know what this is. But I have the CD. One could say I am lying but if Johny Krahbichler knows who I am he will know why this had happened. There are multiple CD recordings. Some copies. Some not.

    But one thing is said.

    You are already dead.

    • Delilah25. Oct, 2015

      Maybe we should use original images in the CD to find the source or convert them to word document or text, sometimes they can hide messages…

  • Syo25. Oct, 2015

    Actually, the K in “Kill The President” is because in the hex it was decrypted from had a “b” in it. The researchers thought that it also looked like a “6”, which means that that particular letter could have been an F or a K.

  • ciburatorius25. Oct, 2015

    Ok guys. I follow this post for few days since now. And i still can’t find one thing. Do nobody connects plague doctor mask and the “2015THEREWILLBE(THREE)” ? Some things. Nostradamus have predicted 3 world wars. How nostradamus is connected to this? nostradamus was a famouse plague doctor. ” A famous plague doctor who gave medical advice about preventive measures which could be against the plague was Nostradamus.Nostradamus advice was the removal of infected corpses, getting fresh air, drinking clean water, and drinking a juice preparation of rose hips. In Traité des fardemens it shows in Part A Chapter VIII that Nostradamus also recommended not to bleed the patient.” So nostradamus was like a antivirus to plague also predicted the three world wars “2015THEREWILLBE(THREE)”. So maybe, just maybe this video is about the 3rd world war? or something.

  • Loonato25. Oct, 2015

    Hey, i found some new marks in the video. Like S or r Pi r


    r Pi r

  • Hieronymus25. Oct, 2015

    I’ve just watched this video:

    The band’s name is Phuture Doom and I’ve found some similarities…

  • farshad24. Oct, 2015

    Happy Halloween !!! :)

  • Coral24. Oct, 2015

    The flashing light on the hand reminds me of the life clocks from the movie Logan’s Run where the light on the persons hand would start to flash red/black when their last day was approaching.

  • pedro23. Oct, 2015

    the ” illumminati “

  • Avec Serif23. Oct, 2015

    In this thread i found these lines – written by St. Vitus:
    “I’m not sure why no one has investigated the address Różana 11B 1371, Gmina Chynów
    which is not far from where the video was shot (across the river in Otwock).”

    I searched with google maps streetview and saw that address is an empty overgrown lot.
    – a nice place to dig some bodies there – ;-)

    My questions are:
    Why this street (Różana) should belong to the clue “11B-X-1371”?
    (translated in bincode = muerte = death – like the double characters in the decrypted message)
    Who wrote at first about THIS street in the thread?

    In my opinion it could be any other street in a town with postal code “1371”.
    (I do not know how to look polish postal codes)

    My conclusion is:
    The video is only a joke.
    – “why wasn’t this sent to a bigger news outlet?” … the man is a reader of gadgetzz – he knows you /
    this might be the reason why he sent this video to you.
    – It’s not a promotion action. – I would send it to a bigger publisher, would make it better.
    – The sender used only simply different codes (hex, bin, etc. …)

    Maybe i’m wrong – but i don’t think so.

    • Avec Serif23. Oct, 2015

      post sciptum:
      in google maps i used the following search term:
      Różana 11B 1371, Gmina Chynów, Polen (Polen is german 4 polish)
      (The address ‘St. Vitus’ had posted here before)

      Matt’s Question: “How can red lips life tenth be an anagram for kill the president. There is no K”
      If you convert a video file in a sound file and you reconvert it you’ll get a worse result than the original picture.
      so a letter like “h” can be transformed in a “k”.

      • nerdfrompoland24. Oct, 2015

        Polish postal codes look like 12-345. So “1371” must be something else.

        • mumeh27. Oct, 2015

          would have to be ” 01-371″ if you want to refer to it as postal code

          • Kate28. Oct, 2015

            Unfortunately, there is no such postal code in Poland.
            ( search engine for Polish postal codes).

  • Ren23. Oct, 2015

    And that triangle that is in the actual photo of the place, there is a part of the video that a triangle like that appeared and started spinning, have you guys tried something with it?

  • Ren23. Oct, 2015

    Can’t the light is his hand be a morse code?

    • JJ26. Oct, 2015

      It is ^^ it was discoverd by several youtubers

  • Matt23. Oct, 2015

    How can red lips life tenth be an anagram for kill the president. There is no K

    • kjhkjh23. Oct, 2015

      presidents life

    • Erik24. Oct, 2015

      It should be “FILL THE PRESIDENT” wich makes no sense

  • MAD23. Oct, 2015

    On a “speech analysis” via software I’ve found at 00:00:22.478 on main menu.
    “in Zion I was”
    More words in the video.
    I was , I heard, the eye shhh, mmm an eye DJ’s.
    Hope could be helpful

  • janko23. Oct, 2015

    Have you tried to look if there is any message UNDER the stamps? The stamps looks like beeing important (one is from 1996, other from 1997)

    • Jb25. Oct, 2015

      Good idea, try this please Johny.

  • Ugur23. Oct, 2015

    “No one knows what 5 o’clock means.”

    5 season begins on 11.11

  • Pakistani23. Oct, 2015

    Facebook blocked your link on its website!!!

  • Mr. NoOne23. Oct, 2015

    Hey, does 15.08Kb ring any bell to anyone?

    • Konrad27. Oct, 2015

      Yes. 11B-X-1371 which is 11Bites x 1371 = 15 081 Bites or 15,08 KB.

      But honestly I think it’s nothing. Or it was date 15 August. Something happened on 15 August?

      • GEGuy30. Oct, 2015

        Maybe the “KB” ending are roman numerals?

  • Amir22. Oct, 2015

    hey guys…
    did you ever test play video on revers? or different speed? i hear some music they has some mean when they played on revers

    • zlad23. Oct, 2015

      Not at all, i edited several times – video and audio. Video Using Edius – mirrored, slowing it down, changing frames, reversed, colour grading and correct, nothing that wasn`t found yet. For Audio I use Izotope ozone clearing the noise, changing chanels (slow and fast) i can’t find anything useful to help.

  • zlad22. Oct, 2015

    Ok guys, what about the audio, except the hidden images, can someone actually try to reduce the noise and hear maybe something?

    • St. Vitus22. Oct, 2015

      This has been done on the reddit thread covering 11B-X-1371.

      It seems fairly clear that it is saying “5 o’clock” repetitively in a loop, and some have claimed to hear additional messages.

      No one knows what 5 o’clock means.

      It’s my opinion that it refers to the month of May, when this was likely recorded and disseminated.

      There are other potential clock references: the “crucifix” gesture he is seen forming with his arm in two segments of freeze frames may be the sign for 8 o’clock. Of course, I’m not sure how international that symbol is, but it is the sign for 8 o’clock in the US.

      I’m not sure why no one has investigated the address Różana 11B 1371, Gmina Chynów which is not far from where the video was shot (across the river in Otwock). Many stones yet to turn over.

      • zlad23. Oct, 2015

        thank you, i did`n know that :(

  • kevin O’Reilly22. Oct, 2015

    ok i know this might sound a little crazy but the video was made in the past. the video has the file de-criped codes for the location of the white house,
    and also murder scenes that where from movies that had characters dying from a unnatural death a poison or some shorts.
    the message scripted says” your already dead” its the chemicals in the food/water that possibly be a plague that has been spreading, or subjects showing
    for a nuke fall out. not only did the message that is shown at 1 min 51 seconds in shows the man with writing on the left top corner, what lead me to a
    search result for Powell/ANBB – A Revolution Number Of Moles In The Ground its a song posted less then a year ago that only points towards he wants
    to be i dont know if the codeing to alert the “club ” or whoever is involved with this but yeah shits freaky
    now this could be all twists and turns in the conclusion of this video but hopefully this could possibly help find things out.

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