Samsung Billboard Warns You About What’s Around The Corner

Se vad som händer när Galaxy S6 edge+ tar över ett gathörn i Stockholm.

Posted by Samsung Sverige on Monday, October 12, 2015


To promote the Galaxy S6 Edge+ Samsung made a very interesting billboard. The idea is to show you the advantages of having ‘notifications on the edge’, so they constructed a billboard that wrapped around a street corner.

It connected to a publishing system that let an editorial staff tailor messages to pedestrians, according to situations that arose. These included, as seen in this film, warning people that a bike or skateboarder was approaching around the corner. They even went as far as telling two random strangers “you two look good as a couple.”

All in all a pretty cool PR stunt, people seem incredibly confused by it.

Samsung did it with PR agency DDB Stockholm and production company Stopp.