thingCHARGER Is Excellent If You Have More Mobile Devices Than You Need

thCH IGG HowMany 580x350

thingcharger stackable wireless charger

This clever charger lets you not only charge your mobile device without occupying the wall outlet, but It’s also stackable. Which means you can charge a virtually unlimited amount of devices at once. The thingCharger comes with interchangeable tips that are stored at its back, so you can swap between adapters for Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, or Sony. It’s also described as “green by design” since it doesn’t consume any power when it’s not actually in use. For a $29 investment on Indiegogo you’ll get your very own. $58 for three of them, $87 for five and $116 for seven. It goes on like that up to a 20 pack, who has the need to charge 20 devices at once? Not that I’m judging..