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thingCHARGER Is Excellent If You Have More Mobile Devices Than You Need

7 years ago / 0 comments

This clever charger lets you not only charge your mobile device without occupying the wall outlet, but It’s also stackable. Which means you can charge a virtually unlimited amount of devices …

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What is this? Iphone 4 toy, htc phone and gameboy mashup

10 years ago / 0 comments

Why would you do that? Somebody has combined a htc pohne, a gameboy and some kind of iphone 4 toy. why?

OSX installed on HTC's shift

11 years ago / 0 comments

Instructions HERE!

New Htc sense phones will have precached GMaps

11 years ago / 0 comments

Earlier today, htc announced (with google) that all new sense phones will have prechached maps in google maps. What this does is that you wont have to wait for your google …

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