Toshiba Unveils Canvio Basics 3.0 Handy Hard Drive

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Portable hard drive is not a new concept anymore. Every device is nowadays minimized to give the users the comfort of carrying them. If you are thinking of carrying a hard drive with you, it might be come at a larger capacity. However, quite a few companies have recently emerged for churning out their products of transportable hard drives. Western Digital is a popular amongst these companies. Toshiba is the other name that can share the same strand as this so far as the handy hard drives are concerned.

Toshiba has also a marvelous surprise for you in store. The Toshiba Canvio Basics 3.0 transportable hard drive released very recently.



Toshiba Canvio Basics 3.0 Transportable Hard Drive

This high-end hard drive supports about 2TB of digital memories together with other files. This is not the end! There is something special that this Toshiba hard drive has to offer you – a little more for the masses. Besides all these, 2TB Canvio Special Edition portable hard drive is offered by the famous PC manufacturing company.

What is the specialty of the 2TB solution? This question might toss your mind. Well, because of the implementation of this technology users can enjoy basic functions without sacrificing the storage capacity. It is generally said that most basic users are very hard working and they intend to increase their digital library, no matter what the storage capacity of the drive is.

Canvios Basics 3.0 is the most general storage solution offered by Toshiba. Don’t you have a clear idea as what 2TB of capacity can amount to? Well, 2TB capacity means it can include 1640 downloaded movies, 526000 digital music files or 571000 digital photos. Can you imagine the storage capacity you can enjoy with this recent Toshiba hard drive???

The most delight part of using this hard drive is you need not have to install any software for using the hard drive. It is based on the simple rule – ‘plug and play’. That’s it! Canvio Basics 3.0 supports USB 3.0 to cater you rapid transferring speed. This USB also goes well with the USB 2.0 devices. There is a ramp loading technology and shock sensor in this hard drive to prevent you from accidental drops.

Canvio Special Edition Portable Hard Drive provides large storage capacity and a simple-to-use and complete backup solution. You get the privilege of backing up your folders and files to Canvio portable hard drive or can also choose the option of storing the digital files to cloud services.

This hard drive might cost you some penny but you will certainly feel it is worth the price.

Author’s Bio: Kevin Halls is a hardware engineer. He likes to collect latest information on the different devices and PC accessories. Lately he has come to know about the Toshiba hard drive. From online Toshiba support services, he gets to know about its technical details.