LED Galaxy Dress with 24000 Lights

LED-Galaxy-Dress-Wearable-Display-02This is no ordinary dress, it is a dress with 24 thousand LED lights on it. Quite illuminating.

We posted about this a long time ago, but some poeple thought it was so good it needed a repost, so here you go.

Each of the flat, extra-thin LEDs that illuminate the dress measures a mere 2×2 millimeters, but they work together to create a dazzling light show of hundreds of colors that pulse across the flowing skirt. And we’ve come a long way from those lame, scrolling LED belt buckles—the intricate circuitry that underlies this futuristic frock was painstakingly hand-embroidered on a layer of silk, imbuing it with the fluidity of fabric.




To diffuse the light and create an even more ethereal effect, the designers added four layers of silk chiffon, along with 4,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals that extend the gown’s glittery sheen even after the LED bulbs go dim. And although the Galaxy Dress is lightweight, the heaviest part isn’t the technology but rather the 40-layer pleated silk organza crinoline that gives the skirt its flounce.

The whole display can be powered with just a few iPod batteries for 30 minutes to an hour—just enough time for you to “enlighten” everyone at a cocktail party about the need for yogurt-container recycling at every supermarket. (Thanks to the LED technology, you won’t overheat.)