Self-Guiding bullet prototyped by US Weapons Experts

Prototype with a LED attached to it

How does a self steering bullet sound? This might soon be the future..

The bullet uses tiny fins to correct the course of its flight allowing it to hit laser-illuminated targets.

It is designed to be capable of hitting objects at distances of about 2km (1.24 miles). Work on a prototype suggests that accuracy is best at longer ranges.

The team has carried out both field tests and computer simulations, and says “engineering issues” remain. However, they add that they are confident of bringing the product to market.

Experts say there would be great demand for the innovation on the battlefield. (Implying there arent good snipers anymore)

Unlike most bullets the self-guided prototype minimises spin, aiming to fly like a dart.

 Researchers say special gunpowder may be needed to help the bullet achieve faster speeds

Normally small calibre rifle bullets are spun at over 2,000 revolutions per second to stabilise their flightpath and maximise speed.

Now what if a terrorist gets a few of these?

“The public may be uncomfortable with the implications of people being able to use this without needing to have a sight line to the target – you could see this having terrorist uses,” said Ms Quintana.

“There’s talk of selling to recreational hunters, but I would imagine the authorities would want to limit the public’s access to this kind of technology.

“But it would be useful for law enforcement – particularly in hostage situations.”