Best Financial Applications for Android Phones


In today’s generation there has been a boom in the variety of handsets available and people tend to opt for the latest smart phones with the smartest applications.
The Android phones are the main gadgets on the market; they occupy a huge segment of the market and take in maximum profit. The Operating System is handled by various handset producers but are unique and the relevant across the board.

In India the availability of the android is higher and they start from $100. Thus the knowledge provided by the android handsets is sufficient and easily understandable for most people. The financial applications available on the android phones, in particular, are very useful and informative.
The market is full of applications and features which keep Smartphone handsets in the highest esteem. Various applications are launched for the android handset that assists you in managing your finances and activities effectively and can be seen in the finance bazaar.
It’ simple to handle your finances thanks to the finance apps available on smart phones. There is a wide range of finance apps for the android handsets which support you in the payment of bills, handling your stocks, enquiring about a property and other financial purposes.
Here are a few financial apps available for Android handsets:
Mint: It is not an easy task to handle or to look after your finances. So, this financial application will offer you a smart and quick review of your accounts. It updates your information, financial accounts, and current business deals and provides you with updated information as you are going over your expenses. It can be operated anywhere, even when in disconnected mode by
Easy money: This easy money application will guide you through your finances. It is easy to enter the data in the system and it provides you a complete review of your bills, financial status and check book list.
Financisto: It is a resourceful financial app operated by many users as it deals with various currencies. So you can access your account anywhere. It can holdup the information from the docs and sends you the desired information.
Bloomberg: This financial application helps to go through the stock market and will keep you updated as and when changes occur. It displays price graphs on the various companies existing on the market and best of all it’s free of cost. It has all that financial tools that you can trust upon.
Payday loans: This financial application helps you to get financial help related to the minor cash amounts. It is a one touch application on android handsets. With the help of this application you can also track the savings and expenditures on daily basis.

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