The Best Game Apps For Androids!

For those that thought it was all about the iPhone, think again! The Android comes with a rage of impressive features and compatibility with a vast range of awesome gaming apps, with more and more fantastic games popping up every week! Android gaming apps are great for keeping you entertained during long commutes and journeys – and with the fantastic large screens that most Android phone come with – you get great clarity and detail too. Prepare to be introduced to some of the best gaming apps out there at the moment for Android phones – just be sure you have time to play them…. Because addiction is very likely!

Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story isn’t just a game, it’s a game that positions the player in charge of they’re own game designing business! Reminiscent of The Sim’s style, this game becomes incredibly addictive as you’re sucked into a virtual reality of tasks and jobs to hire writers, artists and designers in pursuit of a “Game of the year” award. You’ll be hard pressed to find better value for £1.60 and you’ll quickly and swiftly become addicted!

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Doodle Jump

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You’ll find it impossible to put your phone down with Doodle Jump! With four new themes, you have to navigate the doodler by tilting your phone in different directions! Watch out for the black holes and baddies as you spring up the graph paper upwards, collecting jet packs on the way! Get competitive as you pitch yourself in front of other people’s highscrores scribbled on the side of the screen too. You’ll be on a constant mission to achieve the highest score around.


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If you love a challenge you will not be able to stop yourself from spending hours on the addictive game Meganoid! The rules of the game seem simple enough; the player must make their way from point A to point B without getting hit by the many obstacles. The levels aren’t easy, and once you succeed you unlock an even more difficult level- making it a game you won’t tire from any time soon!

3D Mystique CH3: Obitus

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If you’re a fan of horror you need to download the 3D Mystique Chapter 3 Obitus gaming app! This is a game where you’ll find yourself totally and absolutely engrossed, with its 3D technology, cutting edge graphics and it’s eery soundtrack- making it not one for the faint hearted! You’ll be amazing at just how engrossed in this game you can become! The game features two haunting settings; a basement of hospital and a desolate underworld… so the choice is all yours. The players embarks on a first person adventure, with a strictly “kill or be killed” dynamic. Let’s just say- we wouldn’t advise you to play this game home alone or before bedtime…. It might lead to nightmares (or just no sleep at all).


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UniWar is a great for a group of players, which can connect up to 8 players at once, so if you and your friends want to game together during a road trip – this could be the perfect solution. With HD clarity, the game presents impressive graphics in a gripping game where you’re against opponents in building up an army and fighting to win the war. Your success will move you up the ranks to become a top player and you can compete against connected friends and also other players worldwide. The logic behind UniWar is often compared to playing a game of chess, except with a lot more boards and options… so get thinking about your strategies and tactics!

Many thanks to Jonny D at Ladbrokes Games Online, for sharing this gaming app list; why not download some of these apps for your Android and try it on your commute home!