Microlab which can detect cancer in the blink of an eye to be launched into space

microflow 08 25 12 01l

This device you see here is called the Microflow, its the size of a toaster but it can detect cancer, infectious diseases and even if food is fresh or not. It does all this simply via testing the air, and surely it can do a lot more when its finished. The device is called a “flow cytometer” and analyzes microparticles in blood or other fluids. What we have now in hospitals are machines weighing hundreds of kilos, so this is certainly an improvement.

“Here on Earth, the device could let people in remote communities be tested more quickly for disease, or permit on-site testing of food quality, for instance. It will be particularly advantageous in space, however, where Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield will test it during his six-month ISS mission, allowing crew to monitor, diagnose and treat themselves without outside help.”-Engadget

This reminds me quite a lot of something i wrote about a while ago, basically the same device but small as an iphone accessory! You can read about that version here.

So you see we’re not that far from an actual tricorder.