One of the biggest E-sport event of the year: MLG Spring Championship

This weekend it’s MLG Spring Championship and it is stocked with lots of goodies! First we have the main tournaments that are StarCraft 2 and League of Legends. But also things like 8-player tournament for Kespa BW players. 200 beta stations for Heart of the Swarm. U.S. Nationals for Blizzard’s WCS. The event will take the stack on 8-10 June in Anaheim, California.
StarCraft 2 tournaments plays out as usual with some players already ready for pool play and an open bracket for players to sign up for. The tournament is packed with 272 players. There are many big names in the open bracket players like JYP, Sase, InControl, Alive, Puma, Demuslim, Oz, MMA, Idra, Thorzain and Ret. The tournament is built like most MLG championships are. Where they play pool play with 16 seeded players and eight players from the open bracket. 256 players trying to get through open bracket which is divided into losers and winners bracket where top 8 players from winner bracket moves on to later stage of pool play and the top 8 from the losers bracket goes to the loser championship brackets first round. Championship bracket where the top 32 players get to all from pool play and top 8 from losers bracket. Winner of each group in pool play will be seeded directly into Semifinals and the higher you got in pool play the fewer games you have to play to get into the Final.
It’s known that it is very difficult to win an MLG match if you’re coming from the open bracket because you have to play an insane amount of games if you are unlucky. We can only wait and see how it will be if any player from the open bracket manages to win MLG this time or if it will be  the seeded players again. You will be able to follow the StarCraft 2 tournament on 2 free streams and 2 premium streams. They will compete for a prize pool of 76,000$. The tournament will have some of the best caster in the world Tasteless, Artosis, DjWHEAT, Mr. Bitter, Apollo, Husky, TotalBiscuit and Rob Simpson.

The League of Legends tournament will have 20 teams competing for 40,000$. There will be 12 Pro teams and also 8 up and coming teams. Some of teams who will participate in the tournament are Team Solomid, Counter Logic Gaming, SK Gaming and FnaticRC. The event will be casted by Phreak, Rivington, Joe Miller, Jatt, Studio and Dan Dinh. You can follow the tournament on more than 4 different streams. 2 free streams and 2 premium streams.

U.S. Nationals for WCS will also take place on MLG this weekend. The tournament has 64 of the best USA’s players in it. They have qualified through the qualifiers and become invited from the ladder. The tournament will be played in Bo3 games and top 16 will qualify for the North American Finals later this year. There are many famous players who will compete names Idra, InControl, Illusion, State, Destiny, qxc and Sheth. The tournament has a large prize pool of 30,000$.

MLG has also partnered up with blizzard to have 200 beta stations for Heart of the Swarm over the weekend. People visiting the event have an opportunity to test the game. They will be able to test the latest Multiplayer build of the game. It has also been confirmed that Beta will start soon after.

The Kespa tournament for the 8 Starcraft BW players that is now changing over to Starcraft 2 will take place on Saturday June 9. Kespa have sent some of them biggest players in SC: BW. The players who will participate in the tournament are Soulkey, Calm, Stork, Flash, Leta, Bisu, Fantasy and Jaedong. We can maybe not expecting it to be the best StarCraft 2 play we have ever seen, it is still a funny thing when you can see how BW players develop over time when they are getting ready to enter the StarCraft 2 scene for real. It is also a big step for SC2 scene when you can see Kespa player for the first time outside Korea.
For more info about the event check out the www.Majorleaguegaming.com for more details.