Self inflating bike tires

Someone decided to think a little, now why would you pump your tires using your own force when there is plenty of force generated as you bike..  Click more to see how its done, and how you can help make it reality.

Why Bicycle Tires Lose Pressure

Bicycle tires lose pressure due to air molecules diffusing through the rubber sidewalls.  This requires cyclists to fill their tires on a fairly regular basis due to the high operating pressures (up to 120 psi) and thin sidewalls of most bicycle tires.  PumpTire solves this problem by incorporating a pumping mechanism directly into the tire.  And this means … fewer pinch flats, no more pumping, hands stay clean, less time getting ready and more time on the saddle.

Overview of the PumpTire System

Each PumpTire set consists of 3 components – a tire, a detachable valve and an inner tube. Unlike traditional tires, the PumpTire inner tube clips into the tire to enable air to pass from the tire to the tube.  When the pump is working, air moves from the atmosphere, through the valve and into the lumen surrounding the outside of the tire. From there the air is pushed into the tube. Once the desired pressure is reached, the valve senses the increase in pressure and closes the air pathway so no more air is pumped into the tire.  The system works on normal rims and does not require any special equipment or modifications.

How can you help? Simply donate, and we might se this on the market in a few years!