A man was able to engrave a microscopic message on the edge of a razor blade using only his bare hands.

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nothing is impossible, written on the edge of a razorblade

Graham Short is a 64-year-old copper and steel engraver from the UK. This doesn’t seem too interesting…until you hear about his obsession! Graham has a thing for doing miniature engravings, typically on a microscopic scale! His most recent feat on the blade is the phrase “Nothing is impossible” carved one tenth of a millimeter wide on the edge of a razor blade! He must’ve really believed these words, because the painstaking process took him 150 attempts and the words can only be seen with a microscope at 400X magnification! Not only that, but he was only able to work from midnight to 5:30 AM to reduce vibrations from traffic outside his home!

He prepares for each engraving session by reducing his heartbeat to 20 beats per minute and relaxing his body for an hour and a half beforehand! He then used a stethoscope to make his strokes between heartbeats in order to reduce ALL unwanted movement. All this work and each sitting only yields him three letters…if he’s lucky! The finished product is now available to buy for the reasonable price of 47,500 British pounds, considering it took Short the better part of seven months to complete.

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