Brookstone X-stand for ipad review

It’s been called many things, overpriced, unnecessary, bad quality. But since Air-Dispaly became available for windows i had to try it. And it’s great. Now as i can use the tablet for secondary screen it no longer feels like an obsolete gadget, it is

very lightweight yet stable. And it turns 360 degrees without a stop which is awesome. Most of all though it is a very good looking ipad stand. And since it was on sale i didn’t see any cons. However there is one quite mayor con that I’ve been able to find so far. It does not work with a hard-shell or case. This sucks a lot since many people use a case for their ipads, also I’m assuming that with different dimensions it doesn’t work with the ipad 2. I am however very happy with it, as it is incredibly stylish and useful with Air-display.