IFA 2011 LG Booth Coverage

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If you ask me this was the best booth at the whole IFA. You where greeted with the biggest multi 3d screen ever, also they handed out white 3d glasses for you. Then when the small show was over you went in to the actual booth(with the glasses). And well there, wow. Imagine everything 3D, 3d tv, 3d computer,3d everything. They also featured some new products i really liked. One of them a regular TV (both with and without 3d), but it had touchscreen. They demoed tons of stuff you could do at home with a touch tv. Like the kid playing angrybirds on it with a stylus (below). Also they demoed a glasses free 3D tv with a built in camera to adjust the focus. Basically the same screen there is in the Nintendo 3DS but bigger and you can view it from any angle. The con? Only one person per TV at a time. But my absolute favorite was their dual play glasses + tv. You have probably played a racing game with a friend on split-screen, it sucks. The screen gets tiny and you loose so much point of view. But with LG’s dual play you have two pairs of (passive) 3d glasses. One show the player one picture, in full-screen, the other lets you see player twos screen. It was an awesome idea. And it worked incredibly well.
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