AKG k 701 / 601 Review

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AKG k670 701 headphoneThe AKG K701 makes the “World’s Best Headphones” list because that’s what they tried so hard to be, and though they didn’t quite succeed, they did manage to make some running room for competition, and they did take the blush of the Sennheiser HD 600/HD650 rose. –

My personal opinion? For the price, well they are one of the wolrds best headphones, thats for sure. They basically have every single quality of the q700 series. But for below half the price, i mean what is there to discuss?

Other thoughts: Its clear they are meant as studio headphones, they come as 6.3mm with a 3.5mm adapter. All gold plated! Anyway with the iphone 4, no equalizer, the sound is very clear and good but you need close to max volume to even hear it. Also there is no bass at all, the problem? The iphone 4’s soundcard isnt exactly a soundblaster. So i go to my HP laptop and try it, damn the difference is overwhelming. These headphones rock. Also with bass booster equalizer, best sound ive had run through my ears with headphones in ages. Great bass, very high fidelity and clear sound. Virtually no sound leakage. I do recommend them.

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