Sony adds a projector to it's new Handycam HDR-PJ50

In sony’s new Handycam HDR-pJ50 they decided to not only make a great camcorder but also add a pico projector. This opens up all kinds of great possibilities, usually when shooting a film and you want to view it the built in little screen just isn’t enough. But with this built in projector Sony claims to be a able to make a 60″ image. Maybe they where slightly generous when saying so, but at least a 40″ image in a lit up room should be no problem.And that is great news for amateur filmers!

The camera is also capable of 1080p, 12x optical zoom and a 220GB hard-drive. It also features a SD memory slot as well as Doldy Digital 5.1 sound recording When it comes to the us it will sell for approximately $1201.95. with the basic accessories.