Startup tips for bloggers

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The story behind Gadgetzz.com is maybe not unique maybe not interesting, but it’s true, and many blogs are started just to make money or because a friend has one..

The reason i started Gadgetzz was to come in to the International CES 2010, first of all i had no affiliation to the business whatsoever except being overly interested in technology. And that just doesn’t do it to get in at the CES convention. So read through the entry rules with my father and found that tech bloggers get in for free as-well as get access to press-kit, bloggers lounge and press conferences. Great i thought and started up a tech site. The CES was the most amazing experience in my life and i certainly am happy i started this site. At the point i had around 100 uniques per day, and that was it. But now it’s grown to currently around 1000-6000 unique visitors and over 30k hits per day. Not just that I’ve gained around 6k likes on Facebook and around 1000 twitter followers. I also learned so much about how to make quality post’s and SEO etc etc.

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Now my three tips for start-ups are:

1. Don’t just make a blog for the sake of it, make it about something that interest’s you or something you feel is missing on the world wide web! This makes it so much more fun to write and also you know you wont grow tired, there are so many spammy, inactive, boring, blogspots. Don’t be one, be unique!

2. The design! This is oh so important, when i started Gadgetzz it featured a finished template that looked so boring.. If you can’t make your own make sue to find a nice one that fits your niche. WordPress is a free CMS with great themes and it’s easy to make your own themes as-well. Here is a link to the old Gadgetzz, which i saved for SEO reasons. There you can also see just how much my post’s quality has improved, yours will too. (Oh and never copy someone’s post, unless it is part of someone’s post that you have withing quotation mark’s and source link)

3. The worst mistake i was, was getting kicked out of Google’s Ad-sense, i didn’t do much wrong. I kept to the rules, but if your site isn’t mature or good enough they can and will kick you out. So don’t even apply for ad-sense before you feel ready! Go to Ad-brite first. Because who doesn’t want to get paid for blogging?

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