Bloggers Compete, a new way for bloggers to get attention on the web, and maybe even some money!

So i just recently found out about this site, it’s called BloggersCompete.com and it looks pretty good considering it’s recently launched. The point of the site is for bloggers to host so called ‘competitions’. They can be about anything really but the one hosted on the site so far is called (custom) start up tip contest. And it’s about just what it sounds like, write start up tips and be a potential winner of $75!

Right now the site is pretty empty with only the admins first contest, but hey, head over there and crowd it up a little. This site has great potential and also if you are quick you can win $75, just for a blog-post!

[HERE] is the link to contest, but you’ll have to register and get your blog approved first, don’t worry it’s safe and fast!This is what the site says about how it works:

How It Works

Launching or Joining a Blog Post Contest is Easy!

We let you host and market a “Blog Post Contest”, where quality bloggers write and compete to get you back links, increased targeted traffic and higher search engine rankings, or your money back!


Don’t miss this opportunity to get some web attention or even money for your blog!