How To Hack The ipad2 Passcode in 5 Seconds

Well, as it turns out the Apple mobile operating system is not so secure after all, as shown by the recent discovery of a new security flaw affecting Apple’s best selling device: the iPad 2. The password protection of the new iPads running iOS 5 can in fact be easily bypassed in less than 5 seconds with these simple 3 steps.

– Press the reset button until the power off screen is displayed.
– Close and reopen the smartcover.
– Press the cancel button .

Voila. At this point the password protection is removed and anyone can freely access the foreground application that was running at the time when the device was initially locked. This potentially exposes sensitive corporate data accessed through corporate email, stored in attachment or available through various enterprise applications.

Given that the access gained in this way is limited to the foreground application, the obvious workaround is to instruct the users to close any foreground application before locking the iPad.