Microsoft reveals Xbox Smart Glass at E3

At Microsoft’s press conference at E3  the company  revealed a brand new thing called Microsoft Smart Glass.

Smart Glass can be called a sort of new platform, which connects your Xbox 360 with your smart phone or surf board. You will receive an extra window where information can be presented, not unlike the idea behind Nintendo Wii U.

Currently, Microsoft demonstrated how you can wirelessly share movies between your TV and surf the plate, not unlike Apple Airplay. But the Smart Glass aspires to more than that. In some games you’ll use your Tablet as an extra controller, or keyboard while you surf the web on your Xbox 360.

One of the more imaginative uses of Microsoft said during the press conference is that you can surf the plate as a window for extra information, such as an interactive map in an episode of Game of Thrones.

Microsoft gives developers a free hand in terms of Smart Glass, which means we can hopefully look forward to some fun features in the future. Nor is it tied to Windows Mobile and tablets with Windows 8, but also extends across PCs, Android and IOS.

Microsoft Smart Glass will be launched sometime this fall.