Fingerprint scanner that can steal your fingerprint from up to 6 feet away

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I can see your fingers...

I’m guessing it wont take long until the us government acquires these, so congratulations to the creator you are soon to be rich. This box will allow with the use of two 1.3MP cameras and a POL fiter light system of some sort to scan fingerprints up to 6 1/2 feet away. If you click MORE there is a detailed explanation and a description of its current limitations.

Slightly smaller than a square tissue box, AIRprint houses two 1.3 megapixel cameras and a source of polarized light. One camera receives horizontally polarized light, while the other receives vertically polarized light. When light hits a finger, the ridges of the fingerprint reflect one polarization of light, while the valleys reflect another. “That’s where the real kicker is, because if you look at an image without any polarization, you can kind of see fingerprints, but not really well,” says Burcham. By separating the vertical and the horizontal polarization, the device can overlap those images to produce an accurate fingerprint, which is fed to a computer for verification.

The current prototype has a few limitations in that it can only scan one finger at a time, it has to remain at a fixed distance in order to produce accurate results, and the processing time clocks in at around 4 seconds. But future versions will be able to handle multiple fingers at once, even if the person is in motion, in less than a second.

Also is it just me or will apple be mad about their name?

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