Just a Loop case for iphone, is just a loop

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This must be the most minimalistic iphone case i have seen, it’s really just a band that you wrap around any iphone or other phone for that matter. It’s called the “just a loop” and goes for 10€ or 13$ for a four pack. My only worries, dosen’t it come of in your pocket? No actually it dosen’t:                                     [source]

Q: Is the loop elastic?

A: No, the loop is made of woven nylon rope. It has around 5% of stretch, but that’s not what is normally considered elastic.

Q: Why is loop not elastic?

A: Because loops from elastic materials don’t stay on the phone firmly enough. They easily slide / roll off when you pull the phone out of a pocket.

Q: What’s the trick then, how does it stay on the phone?

A: Because of very precise loop length and tension.

Q: Doesn’t it move around the phone? Doesn’t it press buttons and cover ports?

A: A lot of care has been taken to adjust the material of the rope and tension so that once set in a proper position, the rope virtually molds itself in a skeleton around the phone. It may take couple days when you need to adjust the rope a couple millimeters here and there, but after that it will stay firmly in place.


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