My Glowing Mushroom Photos

Check out my glowing mushrooms edits. These are all photos I’ve taken of mushrooms in the Swedish forests. I then edited them to look like this in Photoshop.

This one if my favorite! Beside making the mushrooms glow I also edited in a picture of stars I’ve taken as well as one of the photos I took from the 2017 great American solar eclipse. The red glow is the glow from the city beneath Haleakala mountain on Maui, Hawaii.

This one is particularly interesting because I did not add any colors or make it glow. These are natural colors that I have drastically increased. It’s actually the first glowing mushroom picture I made.

This one is usually very popular because of cute that little mushrooms is.

I like this one because of how natural it looks. It could be an actual bio-luminescent mushroom. But it is in fact and edit just like the rest.

This one has very dreamlike almost Alice in wonderland feeling to it.

If you’re interested in buying any of these as prints I’m selling them as metal prints on Displate.